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  • Transmission:

     SDH & DWDM Networks - Equipment and Optical Plant

     PTP Microwave systems

  • Compression:

     Voice, Fax and Data traffic

  • Switching and Routing

     New Generation Networks - VoIP systems

     Legacy Switching Equipment

  • IN - Intelligent Networks & Services
  • Billing and Mediation Systems
  • Customer care & Call centers    
  • Data networks and protocols

     FR, ATM, IP, MPLS

  • Satellite Transmission - DBS & VSAT,

     BSS & FSS services

  • Submarine Cable Systems
  • Cellular & Wireless (Narrow & Wideband)
  • Wireless Location     
  • Bluetooth and Wireless LAN 802.11    
  • Access Solutions:


     BWA PMP Systems (WiMAX, MMDS/LMDS)


  • IVR & Intelligent Peripherals
  • CTI & Smart Devices (Telephony + IP)
  • Signaling Protocols








BSS, FSS, VSAT, DVB, NG-SDH, CWDM, WDM, NMS, DCME, SIP, H.323, softswitch, pseudowire, DAMA, SCPC, MCPC, BWA, BU, FO, Wi-Fi, SDH microwave, PDH, Super PDH, SDH, XPIC, HSB, resilliance, redundancy, SS7, C7, C5, MFC-R2, R1, E&M, Edge Router, PE, Ethernet, TCP-IP, MPLS, E1 IPL, FR, ATM, Raman.


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