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ComConDA was established in 1999 to provide Telecommunications Consultancy services.

Among our customers are Domestic and International Operators, Mobile Operators, Submarine Cable Carriers, ISPs and Regulatory bodies, as well as Hi Tech companies and Venture Capital Firms in the Telecom field.
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We provide one-stop-shop solution for Telco Operators, from problem investigation & definition to network design, RFT preparation, vendor selection and solution implementation.
We provide Hi-Tech companies in Telecom field with Strategic Consultation, Business Plan preparation, Marketing direction & Management Services.
Network planning, RFP, RFT, RFI, Dov Sverdlov, wireless access, optical network, 5,000 km of fibre optical plant, mobile operator backbone, wireless point to point backhaul solution, 3G mobile operator, consulting, wide experience, DWDM, Optical Network, OSP, HDPE, duct, fibre fiber optic, SDH, NG-SDH, optical plant, ASON, ATM, backbone, BSHR, APS, ALS, BTS, RBS, Node-B, BSC, RNC, G.655, G.652,  CMD, CWDM, DCC, DCN, DNI, DRI, DXC, EDFA, submarine cable, EoMPLS, ESCON, FC, FICON, iFCP, FAS, ODF, Manhole, handhole, FRR, MPLS, G-MPLS, LCAS, GFP,  VCAT, FSK, FWM, GFP-F, GFP-T, SGSN, GGSN, GMSC, MSC, RBSC, HLR, access rings, IGMP, LCT, Laser diode, Linear Multiplex Section Protection, LO, HO, LOS, LOM, LSZH cable, LOS, NLOS, Martini draft, pseudowire, MDPE, MEF, WiMAX, sector, multimode, singlemode, MSOH, MS-AIS, MSAN, MSP, MSPP, MS-SPRing, SNCP, switchover, Multiple Section Protection, lambda, colour interface, overlay network, NZDSF, Optical ADM, OADM, ROADM, degree, OEO, OAM, OF, OFA, OA, amplifier, OMS, optical multiplex section, OFNP, OFNR, OLR, repeater, OMSP, NE, ONE, optical network element, OSC, OSNR, SNR, OTM, OTDR, OTS, section, transmission, POH, pass, OTU-1, OTU-2, OTU-3, PSC, PDH, PMD, dispersion, PLC-WSS, PRC, clock, PSK, QAM, QPSK, SES, SESR, Span, SEMF, STM, STM-1, STM-4, STM-16, STM-64, SRS, Raman, subtending rings, backhaul, access, microwave, point to point, PTP, PtP, PMP, multipoint, TM, Mux, TMN, T-MPLS, Trail, TRAU, TUG, VC, virtual container, concatenation, VPLS, wavelength, selective switch, XPM, VOA, variable optical amplifier, VLR, VLL, virtual, XPIC, sector, polarisation, 1+1, space diversity, ODU, IDU, multipass, atomic clock, fibres, jacket, VC-4-2C, splice closure, FOSC, FRP, HDD, Horizontal Directional drilling, anti-rodent, bedding and padding, trench, cable blowing method, floating, splice closure, cassette, concrete protection, locating disc, locating wire, GPS, backfilling, slabs, surface reinstalling, drainage, direct buried, plough, anti-termite, sub-duct, conduit, PVC, HDPE, friction, COF, inner duct, bending diameter, joint, rubbed, drum, coil, UV, pulling, color coded, cladding, sheath, loose tube, armoring, FRP, PBT, corrugated steel, tensile strength, crush resistance, tube color, attenuation, dB, 1550nm, 1310nm, Mode Field Diameter, PMD, polarisation mode dispersion, Digital Optical Network, Adjacent channel, ACCP, ACAP, polarisation, polarization, fiber, AGL, ASL, AMR, ATDE, ATPC, power control, CCDP, co-channel, CQPSK, DE-QPSK, antennae, DFM, HPBW, HSB, MLCM, MLCQAM, MRMC, constellation, RET, RWPR, packer ring, RTPC, TCM, trellis, VSWR, XPD, WiMAX project, MTN, submarine cable, CLS, landing station, BAS, Beach manhole BMH, BU, branching unit, CTB, DRA, distributed Raman amplifier,Desctop study, DTS, IRU, irrevocable right of use, OGB, ocean ground bed, OPSW, PFE, power feeding, PLIB, ROPA, remote optical pump amplifier, SEQ, shape equalizer, PCA, protection channel, SIE, SLTE, submarine line termination equipment, SLM laser, satellite, ACM, VSAT, FSS, DBS, BSS, DVB, DAMA, TDMA, FDMA, DAB, DVB-RCS, FTA, FTV, GEO, LEO, HDTV, EIRP, DTT, terrestrial, TV, IRD, receiver-decoder, MCPC, SCPC, MFTDMA, PVR, Earth Station, segment, SCADA, SIT, TVRO, TWTA, ULISS, VCM, modulation, coding, SNG.

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